Here at Engineering Utilities, we’re proud to supply TIG Brush weld cleaning kits to solve your weld cleaning and etch marking problems. We have the TBE-440, TBE-550, TBE-700 and the TBE-700 Dual Voltage.

The Tig Brush TBE-440 Weld Cleaning Kit is an entry-level, perfect lightweight solution that maintains the top quality you expect. The innovative technology and new design of the TBE-440 provide a quality surface finish and passivation through the proven combination of chemistry, heat and electricity. This machine can also be used for branding stainless steel, electropolishing and surface cleaning. 

The TIG Brush TBE-550 Weld Cleaning Kit utilises the design and technology of the 700 series to deliver mid to heavy application whilst being the most economical for its class. For those who need a powerful weld cleaner that can deliver results with dirtier welds whilst being priced lower than the 700 series. The TBE-550 uses the proven combination of heat, electricity and chemistry to provide consistency and reliability with its results. This machine can also be used for electropolishing, surface cleaning and branding stainless steel. 

The TIG Brush 700 series features the TIG Brush TBE-700 Weld Cleaning Kit and the TIG Brush TBE-700  Weld Cleaning Kit NUC — Dual Voltage. The TBE-700 series is the fastest, most powerful electrochemical weld cleaner in the industry and constantly produces result after result. Years of experience, development and customer feedback has gone into producing the market-leading TBE-700 series. These machines can also be used for surface cleaning, electropolishing and branding stainless steel. 

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