TIG Brush TBE-700 Weld Cleaning Kit


Do you want the FASTEST TIG & MIG electrolytic weld cleaner in the World? Years of experience, ongoing research and development and, customer feedback have resulted in the TIG Brush™ TBE-700 attaining this status! Already recognized as the fastest, most powerful electrochemical weld cleaner of its type in the industry at a competition ending 110 amps @ 100% duty cycle; the well known and reliable 700 series retains market dominance offering a speed for MIG & TIG weld cleaning that is at least twice the speed of the nearest alternative. The machine can also be used for electropolishing, surface cleaning, and branding stainless steel.

Set Contains:
 1 TIG BRUSH® TBE-700 Weld Cleaning Machine - dual voltage
1 TIG BRUSH ® 240 Volt Lead  
1 TIG BRUSH® Red Lead - 6m with Integral Handle
1 TIG BRUSH ® TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid - 1 Litre
1 TIG BRUSH ® Black Lead - 6m with Earth Clamp
1 TIG BRUSH ® TB-42 Neutralising Fluid - 1 Litre
1 TIG BRUSH ® Wand - 100mm
1 TIG BRUSH ® Spray Bottle
1 TIG BRUSH ® Short Shroud
1 TIG BRUSH ® Fluid Dipping Container
1 TIG BRUSH ® Long Shroud
1 TIG BRUSH ® Orange Microfibre Cloth
10 TIG BRUSH ® Spare Brush Tips
1 TIG BRUSH ® Blue Microfibre Cloth
1 TIG BRUSH ® 110 Volt Lead
1 TIG BRUSH ® Blue Brush Tip Box

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