Face Fit Testing Service

Engineering Utilities are the approved main dealer & stockist for CleanSpace Respirators in the UK and Ireland. We also sell several other brands and types of RPE.

As part of our commitment to the products we sell and the safety of our clients we operate our Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Fit Testing or Training services throughout the UK, ensuring your business is compliant with regulations and employees are protected with the correct fitting of Respiratory Protective Equipment.

It is unlikely that one particular type or size of RPE facepiece will fit everyone. Fit testing will ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the wearer.

Engineering Utilities offer a quantitative face fitting service to evaluate whether the respirators you have chosen for your workforce will afford them adequate protection.

At Engineering Utilities, we take great pride in our dedication to customer service and satisfaction from point of enquiry to after sales support.  We will go the extra mile to accomplish this mission with passion, expert advice and professionalism.

Guidance on RPE and Face Fitting

Following the links below to the HSE’s publications “Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work “(a practical guide) HSG 53 and HSE’s publication Guidance on Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Fit Testing will provide all that you would normally need to know.

Guidance on RPE FIT TESTING.pdf

Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work.pdf

This guidance assumes that you have chosen to use tight-fitting RPE as part of your control regime following HSG53 assumes that you have considered the wider aspects of RPE provision found on the HSE website.

It is important to know that some pre-existing medical conditions (for example, breathing disorders such as asthma; skin allergies; or even heart problems) may restrict or prevent some workers wearing any RPE, or certain types of RPE. You will need to ensure that workers are fit to wear the selected and required RPE. If you are unsure, you (the employer) should arrange for appropriate medical assessment.

Engineering Utilities Fit2Fit accredited respiratory expert is a member and supporter of the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation).

Fit2Fit Mission Statement –

To improve the respiratory health of those wearing tight fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment through being face fit tested by a Fit2Fit Accredited provider.

“In preparing the Fit2Fit RPE fit testers accreditation scheme, BSIF and other industry stakeholders have worked closely with the experts in Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Following this scheme is not compulsory and employers are free to take other action to comply with the law. But if you follow this scheme, you will be doing enough to demonstrate good practice.”

Why is fit testing RPE required?

It is a legal requirement that anyone wearing a tight fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) should be face fit tested by a competent person to the HSE standard. 

Under current legislation, all Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) at work requires you to ensure that the selected RPE is adequate and suitable for the wearer, task and environment.

Inadequate fit can reduce the protection provided and lead to immediate or long-term ill health.

Types of masks requiring fit testing.

Face Fit Testing is required for all of the following types of RPE masks:

  • Disposable half masks
  • Re-usable filter or cartridge half masks
  • Full face filter or cartridge masks
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus masks

By ensuring your RPE is fit tested by a Fit2Fit Accredited provider, you can guarantee your RPE will be fit for purpose and protect your employees long term health.

Is your RPE is fit for purpose?

Face Fit Testing is a method for checking that a tight-fitting face piece matches the person's facial features and seals adequately to the wearer’s face. It will also help to identify unsuitable face pieces which should not be used. By ensuring your RPE is fit tested by a Fit2Fit Accredited provider, you can guarantee your RPE will be fit for purpose and protect your employees long term health.

On-site face fit testing

Engineering Utilities are able to carry out Face Fit Testing on-site. Our Fit2Fit accredited respiratory support experts will ensure that each test is carried out correctly and a report is generated detailing the fit test results.

At Engineering Utilities, we can match an individual’s face shape with a compatible mask, ensuring a tight seal is achieved and the RPE selected is suitable for their working environment.

Facts and Figures

The HSE consider the 12,000 annual occupational lung diseases deaths preventable with better education and awareness. Occupational Cancers include Asbestosis, Silicosis, Mesothelioma, Emphysema, COPD, Industrial Asthma and numerous other lung related diseases.

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