TIG Brush TBE-550 Weld Cleaning Kit


The TBE-550 utilizes the 700’s design and technology to deliver mid to heavy application while being the most economical for its class. It’s the best electrolytic weld cleaner for those who need a powerful machine that can clean dirtier welds while also priced lower than the 700. The TIG Brush’s proven combination of heat, electricity and chemistry delivers superior results consistently and reliably. The machine can also be used for electropolishing, surface cleaning, and branding stainless steel.
Set Contains:
 1 TIG BRUSH® TBE-550 Weld Cleaning Machine - dual voltage
1 TIG BRUSH ® 240 Volt Lead  
1 TIG BRUSH® Red Lead - 4m with Integral Handle
1 TIG BRUSH ® TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid - 1 Litre
1 TIG BRUSH ® Black Lead - 4m with Earth Clamp
1 TIG BRUSH ® TB-42 Neutralising Fluid - 1 Litre
1 TIG BRUSH ® Wand - 100mm
1 TIG BRUSH ® Spray Bottle
1 TIG BRUSH ® Short Shroud
1 TIG BRUSH ® Fluid Dipping Container
1 TIG BRUSH ® Long Shroud
1 TIG BRUSH ® Pink Microfibre Cloth
10 TIG BRUSH ® Spare Brush Tips
1 TIG BRUSH ® Blue Microfibre Cloth
1 TIG BRUSH ® 110 Volt Lead
1 TIG BRUSH ® Blue Brush Tip Box
1 TIG BRUSH ® Tanos Container
1 TIG BRUSH ® Memory Stick

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