Poly-PTX AKKU-HT basic machine 18 Volt

For the first time, a sophisticated planetary gear has been developed for linear grinding applications, exhibiting an unprecedented torque for driving all accessories, such as grinding rollers, brushes, expansion rollers, and much more – almost like a cable-bound, mains-driven linear grinder. The planetary gear’s multiple sprockets allow increased output at the drive shaft that was previously unknown in this area. This means that, as of now, nearly all familiar processing steps can be performed completely cordlessly, including on construction sites or working on vehicles.
The machine offers a constant speed of 1,600 rpm. This is ideally suited to most tools, such as fleece, mix, and flop wheels, expansion rollers with sleeves, brushes, and much more. It is also suitable for pipe machining thanks to an optional grinding belt roller.
The complete accessories for conventional linear grinders such as POLY-PTX® 802 can be used cordlessly with the revolutionary POLY-PTX® AKKU HT.

The use of replaceable batteries allows the device to be employed for long periods of time. The batteries’ LED charge indicators allow you to keep track of how much charge you have left.

Effective immediately, the drive shaft is made of corrosion-free stainless steel with the familiar double splines, usable with all Eisenblätter tools.


  • Shadow-free satin finishing, brushing, polishing of all metals (stainless steel to non-ferrous metals) to wood.
  • Optimized, constant speed of 1,600 rpm.
  • Removes weld seams, deep scratches, rust, dirt, paint, and oxide layers.
  • Balanced, straight-line control without support rollers. This allows the tool to be freely adjusted (oscillation effect), ensuring highly decorative surfaces in satin and matt finish and industrial grinding without shadows or transitions.
  • Available for the first time with planetary gear, giving it the power of a plug-in machine of ~1,600 watts.
  • Robust cast aluminium protective cover and vibration-damping, multi-adjustable handle.
  • All LiHD batteries have LED charge indicators.
  • Top-performance 5.5 Ah (optional 8.0 Ah) batteries, can be rotated to three positions by up to 270° for convenient handling.
  • The grinding belt roller allows ideal use as a pipe grinder.
  • A “T-lock system” for pipe machining ensures safe, fast connection of fleece and felt belts to closed pipe constructions. No more hassle having to glue the belts.
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