PIPE-MAX 802 HT Basic Kit 110 volt


Multifunctional, gas pressure-damped pipe belt sander for perfect sanding and polishing of closed and open pipe constructions.
From small to large pipe diameters.

Thanks to a newly developed planetary gear, the frictional connection is now distributed over three additional, cleverly arranged gears. This dramatically increases longevity and pulling power. Significantly improved air flow technology with turbo fan, and heavily encapsulated armature and field windings bring a power pack to light that is second to none.

• Belt dimensions 40 x 780 mm.
• Ideal for pipes with a diameter of 40 - 130 mm. Can also be used for other diameters.
 Extremely powerful and durable motor with 1,750 watts and new HT (High Torque) gear mechanism for wear-resistant power transmission
- 100% Made in Germany.
 Maximum torque thanks to planetary gears in the entire speed range from 820 - 3,000 rpm (belt speed 4 to 14 m / sec) with tachometer generator for constant speed even under load.
• Particularly robust and kink-proof cable guarantees a long service life.
 Homogeneous, even grinding and polishing result for all pipe diameters, regardless of whether small or large.
 Patented damping concept with gas pressure damper enables maximum "pipe enclosure" of the grinding and polishing belts without great effort.
 New type of drive roller with exchangeable rubber O-rings guarantees slip-free belt run.
• Deflection roller made of soft PUR material for particularly soft placement and permanent elasticity also enables the longitudinal sanding of flat surfaces such as spot weld removal, deep scratch removal, etc.
 Quick and easy belt change.
 No readjustment necessary. Ideal tape guidance through side VA fittings.
 Balanced and multi-adjustable handle enables optimal adaptation to the respective work situation.
• Adjustable for right and left hand operation or for side and overhead work.
• The belt unit made of aluminum chill casting is particularly robust and resistant.
• Particularly flexible and easy to use.
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