Loewer DiscMaster 6TD-1500 Deburring & Edge Rounding Machine

Prices Start From £82,620.00

The DiscMaster 6TD is equipped with six discs arranged in three pairs one behind the other. The discs oscillate continuously over the workpiece during throughfeed. Three different tools can be used in one pass. The interaction between the rotation and the large oscillation stroke leads to high quality deburring and edge rounding results. The large variety of available disc tools makes the machine very versatile.

  • Three pairs of discs for using three different tools in one pass
  • Large oscillation stroke over the full width of the feed belt
  • All inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions
  • Even wear of abrasive tools irrespective of the size of the workpiece or where it is placed on the conveyor belt.
  • Quick change of tools when alternating between materials – only six discs need to be changed
  • The large variety of disc tools available and the possibility of using three different tools in one pass make the  machine extremely versatile.
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