Loewer CrossMaster DD-300

Prices Start From £21,790.00

The CrossMaster DD is equipped with two disc units, one for deburring and one for edge rounding. The workpieces are placed on a high-friction feed belt. The disc tools which are parallel to the workpiece push the workpiece against the feed belt during operation. As a result, it is possible – on a disc-only machine – to process even very small workpieces starting from 20 x 20mm.

  • Two rotating discs in a row
  • Disc diameter larger than width of feed belt, therefore processing from two directions
  • Even wear of disc tools
  • Speedy changing of tools e.g.when switching between materials only two discs need to be changed
  • Large variety of disc tools available making the machine very versatile
  • Low investment and operating costs

Models CrossMaster DD150 and DD300 are simple but solid machines which can be adapted to specific applications with many optional extras. Model CrossMaster DD300S is better equipped in standard execution already with better machine housing, motorized work piece thickness adjustment, longer feed table and further features.

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