Your Guide to TIG Brush Weld Cleaning Fluids

TIG Brush weld cleaning fluids are used during, before and after the electrochemical weld cleaning process to remove any flaws and defects found after stainless steel welds — giving the best results possible. Here at Engineering Utilities, we’re proud to stock a large range of TIG Brush weld cleaning fluids. Our premium range of weld cleaning fluid solutions covers every aspect of stainless steel surface preparation, weld cleaning and finishing. But, with so many weld cleaning fluid solutions available, which is best for you?

Pre-Weld Cleaning Fluid

Pre-weld cleaning, it’s important to remove any contaminants before welding to ensure the best weld quality is obtained and then a quick and effective clean and passivation is achieved afterwards. 

TB-01 Pre-Weld Cleaning Fluid 

This weld-cleaning fluid was developed to remove residues such as light oils and greases on stainless steel surfaces which is essential for pre-weld. If these contaminants are not removed, they can be included within the weld and cause unsightly and difficult-to-remove inclusions. By using TB-01 first to remove contaminants, you will achieve a cleaner weld and provide a more efficient post-weld cleaning and passivation process.

Choosing The Appropriate Cleaning Fluid

The next step is choosing the appropriate cleaning fluid. With the choice of four innovative cleaning fluids from chemically stringent to high-powered TIG Brush stainless steel cleaning fluids simultaneously clean and passivate with proven results. Here are the different weld cleaning fluids available at Engineering Utilities. 

TB-21ND Weld Cleaning Fluid

The TB-21ND weld cleaning fluid is a light-duty, high-performance fluid that cleans, polishes and passivates steel without the corrosive classification given to TB-25. This is a good option as its non-dangerous rating makes it more economical on freight costs and easier to handle. To see the best results with the TB-21ND, we recommend neutralising it with TB-42 after cleaning.

TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid 

The TB-25 is a high-powered premium stainless steel weld cleaning fluid — the strongest and fastest cleaning fluid in the range. With the highest quality components at high concentrations, the TB-25 gives you unequalised performances in cleaning, polishing and passivating on even the toughest stainless steel welds. Again, to see the best possible results, we’d recommend neutralising with TB-42 after cleaning 

TB-30ND Weld Cleaning Fluid 

For facilities where corrosive chemicals are not permitted, the TB-30ND biodegradable stainless steel weld-cleaning fluid is perfect. The TB-30ND is environmentally friendly and cleans just as effectively as the TB-25 however, the TB-30ND does not polish. To see the best results, after cleaning, neutralise with TB-41.

TB-31ND Weld Cleaning Fluid 

The TB-31ND is perfect for when you have added safety requirements in place. This weld cleaning fluid is a custom-designed and patented fluid that is pH neutral, fast-acting and does not require a separate neutralisation process. The TB-31ND cleans and passivates without polishing, leaving no white frosting and does not alter high-polish stainless steel. This fluid is suited perfectly for sensitive environments like food & beverage, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Because the TB-31ND is environmentally safe, it allows for maximum safety in transport, use, handling and storage. 

Neutralising the Surface

Before using any TIG Brush neutralising fluid, it’s important to thoroughly rinse off the cleaning fluid with water. Neutralising fluids are used to remove any residual acidity and prevent and reduce white frosting on your metal surface. To get the best results, it’s important to use your neutralising fluid as soon as possible after cleaning. 

TB-42 Neutralising Fluid for TB-21ND & TB-25

The TB-42 is a non-dangerous, non-flammable and non-corrosive formulation specifically designed for the neutralisation of TB-21ND and TB-25. The TB-42 is an essential preventative step in the complete removal of acidic chemicals remaining on the work surface and should be used as soon as possible. 

TB-41 Neutralising Fluid for TB-30ND

The TB-41 is another non-dangerous, non-flammable and non-corrosive formulation developed for neutralising TB-30ND. Containing a range of fast-acting and effective components, the TB-41 can neutralise an acidic residue left from the complex chemistry of the TB-30 in seconds. 

Finishing Fluids 

To reduce marking for handling and to increase surface reflectability, we would recommend the application of a finishing fluid. 

TB-50 Finishing Fluid 

The TB-50 finishing fluid cleans, brightens and also resists handling marks by leaving a molecular-level layer on your stainless steel. With easy application, all you need to do is wipe or spray the cooled finished surface with TB-50 and then rinse down with water. By then rinsing down with water and buffing with a microfibre cloth, you will achieve fingerprint resistance and an incredible shine. 

At Engineering Utilities, we have all of these weld-cleaning fluid solutions as well as a full weld-cleaning accessories range. We have everything you need to create your perfect weld - for more information and advice, get in touch

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