TIG Brush: The Future of Weld Cleaning

Founded in 2006, TIG Brush is an electrolytic stainless steel weld cleaning system that utilises the unique combination of chemistry, heat and electricity to deliver the best weld cleaning and metal surface finishing results.

In the past, weld cleaning used to be a dangerous, difficult and extremely time-consuming task. With Tig Brush’s weld cleaning systems, you are provided with a quick, easy and safer solution to remove welding oxidation.

Why Choose TIG Brush?

The breakthrough TIG Brush electrochemical cleaning process has enabled manufacturers to stop the use of harmful and less-effective weld cleaning methods such as pickling paste. But what sets TIG Brush apart from other weld cleaners?

Flexible & Safety 

TIG Brush machines are extremely flexible. They are lightweight, portable and very easy to use meaning they can be performed almost anywhere — whether that be off-site, on-site, or anywhere in between!

They are also extremely safe. Pickling paste and other dangerous compounds are highly toxic to both people and the environment and are not present in electrolytic fluids. And, as a result, electrochemical weld cleaning is considered safe and can be used by both professionals and amateurs! 

Application Speed

Not only is the electrochemical weld cleaning process much safer, it is also quick and easy. With electrochemical weld cleaning, you do not have to perform several tasks as during the process, the machine will not only clear heat time but also passivate the surface at the same time. Time is also saved on factors such as:

  • No linishing is required 
  • Much less PPE is required 
  • Weld cleaning & passivation without needing to move the job
  • You can reach smaller spaces 
  • Clean-up is extremely quick and straightforward. 

Corrosion Resistance 

Based on welding equipment research, the passivation that results from electrochemical cleaning actually provides the best corrosion resistance compared to other weld cleaning methods and processes.

Weld Cleaning Machines at Engineering Utilities

Here at Engineering Utilities, we’re proud to be able to supply you with all the weld cleaning equipment you could need, including:

  • TIG Brush TBE-550 
  • TIG Brush TBE-700 
  • TIG Brush TBE-440
  • TIG Brush TBE-700

As well as TIG Brush weld cleaning machines, we also supply TIG Brush cleaning fluids and accessories. You can take a look at our full TIG Brush weld cleaning range on our website.

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