The new FEIN VERSAMAG system

Introducing the FEIN VersaMag Clamping system!

The FEIN VersaMAG Clamp is here to redefine the way you secure your workpieces.  With its advanced features and innovative design, this clamp ensures a reliable hold ay any time and in any location.  No more worrying about your components slipping or shifting during machining tasks.

  • Safe and simple clamping of the components.
  • Work accidents are minimised
  • Mobile and flexible use enables materials to be changed directly on site.
  • Setup times are reduced thanks to the VersaMAG.
  • The worker pays more attention to securing the workpiece thanks to the simple clamping principle.
  • Workpieces are always securely fixed in all locations.
  • Professional-quality machining can be achieved at all times.

Call 0113 255 8887 or email for more information.

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