NS Maquinas’ Newest Automatic Tube Drilling Machine

Introducing the NS Maquinas TDM100 2D AT - NS Maquinas’ latest tube drilling machine.

Featuring advanced technology, including double heads with programmable settings, this automatic tube drilling machine is designed for drilling, flow drilling, and tapping operations. 

Offering immense precision, efficiency and versatility, you can say goodbye to tedious, time consuming drilling processes and say hello to the future of tube machining!

NS Maquinas TDM100 2D AT, Tube Drilling Machine, Engineering Utilities

TDM100 2D AT Features & Benefits

Dual-Drilling Station

You’re now able to optimise your tube drilling process with simultaneous drills, resulting in enhanced precision and increased productivity.

Automated Process

Fully automated tube feeding, rotation and clamping.

Program Saving Feature

The advanced touchscreen panel features a program saving functionality, allowing you to recall repeatable setups quickly and easily.

Angular Drilling

From -50 to +50 degrees, the TDM100 2D AT offers precise drillings at a number of angles with both stations, at the same time.

Drill, Flowdrill & Tapping

Fast tools replacement for different types of drilling up to ø114mm and 100x100mm.

Round/Square Tubes and Flat Bars

Capable of working round tubes up to 114mm in diameter, square or rectangular tubes up to 100x100mm and flat bars up to 110x15mm. Maximum length up to 3000mm.

Find Out More About The TDM100 2D AT

If you’re interested in NS Maquinas’ new automatic tube drilling machine and require additional information, including the full spec, please contact our team of experts and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Give us a call: +44 (0) 113 255 8887

Drop us an email: sales@engineeringutilities.com 

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