New Loewer DD200 for deburring SMALL pieces

Compact, affordable solution especially for deburring small parts

Equipped with two disc tools, the front one for deburring deburring and the rear one for rounding. The work pieces run through the machine on a conveyor belt with good adhesion and are pressed firmly against the conveyor belt by the discs during processing. The disc-only design enables the processing of very small parts from 20 x 20 mm in size, even with holes and without vacuum.


  • Very compact design, makes it easy to place and remove work pieces without a return conveyor
  • Pure disc processing without sanding belt, making it ideal for very small parts
  • Deburring and rounding in a single pass
  • Removal of burrs and spatter as well as even edge rounding
  • Uniform tool wear regardless of workpiece size and placement on the conveyor belt
  • Very easy handling and quick changeover when changing materials from steel to stainless steel
  • Large variety of available disc tools
  • Low investment, tool-and operating-costs

Technical data

The CrossMaster DD200 is fully equipped as standard:

  • Two disc units each 0.75 kW from above with disc diameter 250 mm
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the disc speed via two frequency converters
  • Separate manual disc adjustment for readjustment of tool wear
  • Motorised workpiece thickness adjustment with electronic digital display 0.3 - 100mm
  • Rotating conveyor belt cleaning brush
  • Working width 200mm
  • Feed speed infinitely adjustable via inverter 1 - 4m/min
  • Spring-loaded pressure rollers
  • Closed machine housing
  • Dust extraction connection diameter 1 x 100mm
  • Operating voltage 400V, 50Hz, 3P
  • CE version

The Tools

  • SoftDisc with a soft pad for deburring mild steel or aluminium
  • CompactDisc for a removing higher burrs and spatter on stainless steel
  • MediumDisc for edge rounding, available in different grit sizes and hardness
  • SmartFlexDisc for edge rounding of foil coated or upformed sheet metal parts

Contact the team at Engineering Utilities if you require any further information or a quotation for this machine

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