Loewer BeltMaster KD300; Grinding, Deburring and Edge Rounding

Loewer has now released their latest grinding, deburring and edge rounding machine - the BeltMaster KD300. 

Providing a number of exciting features and benefits, the BeltMaster KD300 is equipped with an abrasive belt unit, used for deburring or finish grinding, as well as a large disc (400mm diameter) to achieve a strong edge rounding. The KD300 can be used with both units together or individually.

Loewer BeltMaster KD300, Engineering Utilities

BeltMaster KD300 Features & Benefits

  • Eccentric adjustment for use of non-woven belts
  • Easy removal of raised burrs and spatter
  • Deburring and edge rounding in one single operation
  • Grinding with a straight finish
  • Uniform disc wear, regardless of workpiece size and placement on the conveyor belt
  • Disc diameter larger than the conveyor belt width, processing from two directions
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning and belt oscillation
  • Easy handling and quick changeover when changing material steel/stainless steel

The new Loewer machine is also equipped with a motorised thickness adjustment, digital display and infinitely variable adjustment of abrasive belt speed, disc rotation and feed speed (as standard). There is also an option for the machine to be equipped with a vacuum transport belt or magnets.

Find Out More About The BeltMaster KD300

If you’re interested in Loewer’s latest deburring and edge rounding machine and you require additional information, including the full spec, please contact our team of experts and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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