Just Launched — Ingersoll Rand QX Connect Series™

At Engineering Utilities, we are always looking for the best industry products to add to our innovative tooling portfolio. The latest in our collection is the NEW range of Ingersoll Rand QX Connect Precision Fastening Cordless Tools. 

Ingersoll Rand allows you to take total control of your fastening process without complications. The comprehensive QX Connect Series™ family of fastening systems delivers simple, flexible and capable solutions for all of your assembly requirements. 

Different by design, the QX Connect Series™ family doesn’t require any specific expertise, which saves on training and installation costs, has easy integration and rebalancing features to meet all your requirements for optimal productivity. 

The range consists of: 

  • QXFN Series Cordless Tools
  • QXFD, QXBN and QXBD Series Cordless
  • QXXD and QXXN Cordless
  • QX Ergonomic Tightening System
  • QXM Cordless Torque Multiplier.

Within the range is the Insight™ Connect App to aid productivity, mobility and control of fastening processes by integrating with the Ingersoll Rand QX Connect Series™. 

Similarly, the INSIGHTqxc™ Controller is reduces costs and increases flexibility. This cordless controller is designed to be easy to use and integrate, whilst providing a common platform to meet your assembly needs. 

For special applications, customisation is possible with the QX Pistol Special Head Adapter, the perfect solution to increase flexibility of the QX Pistol Screwdriver. 

No matter the industry or application, you can count on Ingersoll Rand as a trusted partner of Engineering Utilities, to help you get the job done right the first time.

See the full range.


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