Introducing The FEIN PROTAGO - The World's Safest Angle Grinder

Engineering Utilities are excited to introduce the FEIN PROTAGO - a cordless angle grinder that combines safety, ergonomics and user protection, making it the safest on the market.

With 27% of all reportable manually-operated power tool accidents at work being caused by angle grinders, safety should be at the top of your priority list. With an extensive number of safety features, the PROTAGO guarantees protection and safety, allowing you to protect your employees from harm and minimise risk in the workplace. 

FEIN PROTAGO Safety Features

Kick-Back Monitoring

Designed to automatically and immediately switch off the device in the event of sudden and unexpected impact, ensuring that control is not lost.

Dead Man’s Switch

With an integrated dead man’s switch, the PROTAGO will stop immediately in the event of any improper operation.

Two-Hand Operation

The innovative two-switch operation means that the PROTAGO can only be used properly with both hands on the tool, providing more control to the user.

Soft Start

The integrated soft start technology prevents any jerkiness when turning on the grinder, reducing any risk of losing control right from the start.

Non-Detachable Protective Cover

The PROTAGO’s protective cover has been designed to be adjustable, but not removable, as the protective bonnet provides additional user protection.

Take Your Safety to the Next Level

With no cables and no compromises, the PROTAGO almost fully eliminates the risks associated with improper operation - so, no matter who’s hand it’s in, you’re still in good hands.

Since its launch, the PROTAGO was awarded the prestigious ‘Best-Of-The-Best’ Red Dot Award, with The Design Ward stating "The cordless angle grinder PROTAGO convinces with the quality of its design and the sophisticated functionality of its innovative, six-way adjustable additional handle. Its design is clearly structured, conveys power and is an impressive further development. With its exclusive two-handed operation and the protective bonnet that can no longer be removed, this angle grinder sets new standards in terms of safety and ergonomics for such a tool."

Are you ready to take your safety to the next level? Get in touch with the team at Engineering Utilities to find out more about the FEIN PROTAGO or to place an order.

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