Introducing EMC Metal to Engineering Utilities

EMC Metal are a highly regarded organisation within the industry. Beginning their journey in 1999 as a leader in woodworking machinery, they expanded to include their metalworking division in 2018 and have since been growing strength to strength (EMC, n.d.). 

Although they have a range of machinery within their metal division, there are two in particular that we are excited to introduce to Engineering Utilities. These are the Easy Gloss M1250 and the Glossy M650.

Easy Gloss M1250

The Easy Gloss M1250 machine is an automatic polisher for flat and curved surfaces. EMC are positive about their innovative technology which is demonstrated in this polisher with its touch screen display and control panel. 

The software that this machine operates on is all automatic including the working pressure control. The Easy Gloss M1250 also has an automatic interpolation of curved parts and this is without geometry programming. In addition, as standard, this automatic polisher and variable speed motors via electronic inverters. 

Some of the other characteristics of the Easy Gloss M1250 are:

  • Oscillating brush with reciprocating motion,
  • Vacuum sealing,
  • Work table dimensions of 3800mm x 1250mm,
  • Automatic abrasive past application and distribution system. 

Glossy M650

The Glossy M650 is another automatic polisher that has proven popular here at Engineering Utilities. This automatic polisher is for flat panels only. Similar to the Easy Gloss M1250, this polisher has an oscillating brush with reciprocating motion and vacuum sealing. 

However, unlike a touch screen on the Easy Gloss M1250, the Glossy M650 has a control panel, PLC display and central control unit. It also has a working pressure control. 

Some of the other characteristics of the Glossy M650 are:

  • Workpiece sealing by integrated vacuum pump,
  • Maximum working height of 50mm
  • Maximum workpiece size of 650mm x ∞. 

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